Clique Space(TM): Projecting Individuality.
A system that models user and device interactions.
A precis of what Clique Space is about can be found at:

I need the following to help make this happen:

1. Someone who might be able to maintain this domain.

2. Someone who might be able to manage a business.

3. Someone who might be able to spread the Clique Space word to others.

If you think you've got a hand in one or more of the above, call me or send me an email.

Even with a patent, an individual's right to profit from one's own ideas is fraught with obstacles. Like yourself, maybe, I've given a fair effort to do all that I have done. I hope you might be in a position to help me.

Contact Information
Email :
owen dot paul dot thomas at gmail dot com
Phone :
+61 401 493 433
Address :
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